Milk BabyMilk 3

Mleko dla dzieci BABYMILK 3

Next milk – above the first year of living

Milk Babymilk® 3 does not contain genetically modified ingredients in accordance with Regulation on organic production created by council of the European communities number 834/2007.

We support Mothers with our knowledge and experience!

Recipe of the Babymilk® is the result of cutting-edge scientific research on breast milk. Babymilk® 3 was created based on a rigorous analysis of the nutritional needs of a small child, taking into account the levels of absorption of minerals and vitamins. Babymilk® 3 is the first natural choice for you and your baby if you can not breastfeed.

  • Omega-3 fatty acids: supporting the development of brain and nerve cells.
  • Natural prebiotics: reinforce the immune system, as it is 85% of child resistance is in intestines.
  • Vitamin D3 and K2: Babymilk® 3 milk contains up to 32 times more vitamin D compared to cow's milk along with vitamin K, have an invaluable impact on the absorption of calcium and building strong bones. Calculating per kilogram of body weight, toddler requires eight times more vitamin D and calcium four times more.
  • Iron: our milk is twenty times richer with iron than cow's milk, a mineral that contributes to normal cognitive development and improves the immune system.
  • Iodine: 100 ml of milk covers 26% of the daily needs of the child.
  • Vitamin C: 9-fold higher content compared to cow's milk helps build collagen and maintain immunity.

Your child as a unique person still getting to know himself and the world. By providing your child a varied diet you really help him in proper development. Babymilk® 3 is an ideal basis for a supplementary diet.