Babymilk - Milk of the best quality

Mother`s milk is an example for us

Milk Babymilk® does not contain genetically modified ingredients in accordance with Regulation on organic production created by council of the European communities number 834/2007. All of our products undergo rigorous testing in our microbiological and physico-chemical laboratories to meet the highest quality standards..

You are what you assimilate

We exchanged "You are what you eat" saying on more precise: “You are what you assimilate”.

Giving your child the recommended daily amount of micronutrients, it may be possible that it is still not sufficient amount, because the baby can actually absorb only 1/20 of what is received. Any mineral or vitamin may be provided in various forms of biologically active compounds. Exemplary mineral "Magnesium" may have bioavailability from 4% to 90%, for example, "Iron" from 1% to 20%, all depending on the form which will be given.

Our products fully utilize the synergies which arise between the various components. It is known that some combination of ingredients enhance its function and the other lower them. One such example is the combination of "adequate" vitamin "D" and "K", which has a substantial effect on the absorption of "Calcium" needed to build strong bones.

The main factor in feeding Your Baby is to raise immunity in a natural way. Probiotics that we use affect the digestive system of a small child, which is responsible for immunity, since 85% of child resistance is located in the intestines.

All components, which are a component of Baby Milk® Line combines work of best nutritionists with the latest scientific research. As the only ones, we developed the process of "OMEGA LT" which is low-temperature-raising unsaturated acids, while drying oil with spraying method. This method effectively eliminates free radicals that cause the same, excellent and essential for brain development "OMEGA-3 and 6 'may act adversely to the traditional method of production, due to the high temperature drying process and possible oxidation.

The knowledge, experience and responsibility is what Baby Milk® Line is about. Mother`s milk is an example for us, and the perfection with which the body works is something that fascinate us.